Make use of all those bash startups

Created: 24 Dec 2018 Modified: 12 Feb 2019 | Importance: 4/10

Read this if you open your terminal a lot of times every day.

Here are some ideas:

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Get better in mental calculation

As a write this, I have to find the day of the week of a random date every time I open my terminal, using John Conway's Doomsday algorithm, the code for this being on Github. You can do something similar for any mental calculation you'd like to get better at.

Show a deadline

On Linux, go to your ~/.bashrc file and add the following line at the end:

python -c "from datetime import date; print('{} days until deadline'.format((date(2019,12,31) -"

You'll see this deadline every time you open the console.

For several deadlines:

python -c "
from datetime import date
print('{} days until A'.format((date(2019,12,31) -
print('{} days until B'.format((date(2020,1,1) -

Show something that's so important you want to repeat it to yourself aggressively as often as possible

I like the idea of aggressively repeating things to myself. However, you might want to consider instead making a special Anki deck that shows you cards daily, as Alexey Guzey describes here.

Going further

There has to be more potential to this idea. This is especially true if it is generalized as the practice of hooking things to some elements of your routine (this broader idea being more commonplace, I imagine).

Going even further

Here's a simple way to increase your productivity by making your bash experience completely frictionless: don't try any of the above ideas.