My goal in life

I like to think that my goal in life is to do as much good as I can. Probably in some kind of utilitarian sense; I have yet to read a lot more about utilitarianism. Since I don't know what I want to consider as good (what I want to want, as Harari has put it), and even less how I can do it, I am currently learning as fast as I can about relevant topics.

It's quite easy, however, to unmask a flaw in what precedes as my only goal in life. With an alternative such as this one, for instance: If I had to choose between the following options, which would I accept?

  1. Live my life to its term and have positive impact +I
  2. Die now and have an impact 1.01 I

It's hard. I really like my life, and I'm really curious to know how things are going to turn out.

So it's more honest to admit that what I want in life is a combination of the following: doing as much good as I can; getting happiness, knowledge, power, fame, a sense of meaning and intelligence; interacting with smart and interesting people; deferring the moment of my own death (going as far as I can in the future to see what it's going to be like); and more things I have yet to acknowledge or formulate.