Anonymous feedback

Created: 8 Dec 2018

See The tragic lack of negative feedback on personality (considered harmful) for the motivation behind this.

In short: I want to become a better person. Becoming a better person usually involves being aware of one's faults. However, we humans are bad at self-reflection. And friends usually do not help, because they aren't bold and they fear awkwardness. That's why I'm experimenting with anonymous (preferably negative) feedback.

I'll be really grateful if you take the time to do this. The only thing that matters is that you get the message through: the kind formulation is completely superfluous.

I'll actually be so grateful that you probably needn't go anonymous. I can't imagine myself liking someone less after they've given me negative feedback, however rude it may be, as long as the goal is to help me make progress. So feel free to email me. The advantage of this is that I can do the same in return, if you want to.

But anonymous is great too: here is the URL. I'm using Tipbox (here on Github), which is open source and great.